Icarus X Series UK New Racecourse Announced

The 2018 UK X Series will now launch from just outside East Knoyle, North Dorset on Friday 21st September but there's still time to put your propellors in the ring. Sign up here.

If you have any doubts about whether you're ready for the X Series, we have the answer. Simon Walker took part as a freshly minted just out of the Skyschool oven rookie sky-warrior. And he nailed it, making him the perfect person to compile a blog on the 8 reasons a newbie should do the Icarus X

Meet the 2018 UK X Series Racecourse


The new racecourse for August 2018 now boasts a new start and finish line at Holden Farm, East Knoyle, North Dorset. Two compulsory checkpoints form the triangular racecourse that brings together the unsupported Race Division and the open-to-all Adventure Division on the same route. 

Checkpoint 1 is up in the north west corner of Exmoor guaranteeing a stunning first run. The second checkpoint is down south at Middle Pyemore air strip near Bridport, setting  up a short(ish) and sharp sprint back to the finish. 

All in it's about 160 miles. That does somewhat depend on the will of the adventure gods. It'll depend on the weather, unplanned detours, fuel stops, breakdowns, campouts, extracurricular adventures, sneaking to the pub (after flying) and the general unpredictable nature of a proper adventure  that invariably extends the mileage. 

The new racecourse for the Icarus X Series UK, August 2018

The new racecourse for the Icarus X Series UK, August 2018


Launch: Friday 21st September 16:00
Finish Prizegiving: Saturday 22nd September 20:00 *If all pilots returned
Contingency flying day: Sunday 23rd September

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