Meet the 2016 Pilots

For Race Division

David Wainwright - Australia ***UPDATE 8TH OCT - WINNER OF RACE DIVISION ***

Kit - Instinct 230 / Dobermann2 20m Yellow/Black/red / Mayday 37m / 13.5 main 5l reserve

Hours Flying - 2000+ including winning Icarus Trophy Race Division

The winner of Icarus Trophy 2015 is back to defend his crown. He has over ten years of paramotoring experience under his belt and is the owner and chief instructor at a company dedicated to teaching paragliding and paramotoring.

Scotty Duncan - Australia ***UPDATE 9TH OCT - ADVENTURE DIVISION***

Kit: Yooda 190polini, 22m Sun Glider Razor2 sport wing / Blue/black bat wing / mayday37m

Hours Flying - 2500+hours

Scotty has been flying since he was 15 and has been paramotoring for 7 years. As well as owning a company selling and servicing paramotors, he regularly takes part in competitions.

Miroslav Švec- Slovakia *** UPDATE 7TH OCT - ADVENTURE DIVISION ***

Kit: Scout Carbon, Ozone Viper3 22m blue/white, Kortel 40m steerable, fuel mod

Hours - 300+ including 1000km XC unsupported

Lead designer and test pilot at a paramotor manufacturer Miroslav has undertaken several flying adventures. He firmly believes that it's not about the equipment but the skill of the pilot. Nonetheless, he's developed a few modifications to his paramotor that he believes will give him an edge in the competition. 

Byron Leisek- USA ***UPDATE 2.10.2016 - ADVENTURE DIVISION***

Kit: Scout Carbon / dobermann2 20m yellow/black/red / Octagon 45

Hours - 2500+ including Icarus Trophy 2015

From a family of Hot Air Balloon pilots, Byron soloed in the sport of Hang Gliding at age 13. In 2005 he discovered Powered Paragliding and he is now working as a paramotor instructor. Byron flew in the Race Class in the pioneer edition as part of a team of two and has come back for another go at the title. 

for Adventure division

James Borges- UK

Kit: Bailey v5s/matrix / Nucxx 26m / 24m black+yellow+orange

Hours flying - 400hrs including Icarus Trophy 15' Vet, John O'Groats to Lands End

A company director and letting agent, James has spent the last year working on widening his adventure CV. He took part in the Icarus Trophy in 2015 as part of team ‘Wing it’. He recently flew the length of the UK (1200km in 26hrs) and he now has a real taste for adventure: “ I look forward to more and more flights in new places meeting new and interesting people. When the conditions are right, a Paramotor is the ultimate XC machine.”

Trey German- USA

Kit: AC Nitro200 / ITV Billy 25m white/blue/orange / Yeti40sm

Hours flying - 90 hours, including winning Icarus X US Adventure Division

Trey has been fascinated in flying for all his life. After taking some flying lessons after college, he started paramotoring in 2014. He realised the dangers of paramotoring when his instructor sadly passed away doing the sport. However, he is still motivated to push himself and has since competed in Icarus X USA, where he says he surprised even himself when he took home the Trophy for Adventure Division. 

Trey quit his job to set up his own electronics business and will be using electronics he has developed in race. He will also be doing some sightseeing along the way. He plans to making a detour to see some nuclear jet engines.


Dean Kelly - Australia

Kit: Kougar2 23m lima/Instinct230/mayday37m

Hours Flying - 80, including Icarus X Series Australia

A plumber by trade, Dean has been flying for one and a half years. He competed in the Icarus X series in Australia and loved it.

The 2016 Icarus Trophy will launch 30th September 2016 from Polson MT. 

The finish line will be in Mesquite Nevada.