Close of Day 3 - Round Up

It's the end of Day 3 - Where is everyone?

Here's a quick recap on what the hell is going on out there.

It looks to the casual observer as if Adventure Division pilot Trey is way out in front in Idaho falls. But look closer and you'll notice that his route looks A LOT like Route 15. That's because he's in Idaho Falls having driven there with his buddies for a day looking at a nuclear reactor. He'll be back in the air tomorrow.

Is that allowed? Hell yes. This guy is in Adventure Division, meaning he can fly as much or as little as he likes until the finish party. He's flying in Adventure Division and is planning to fly every kilometer of the Race Division route, and a few more besides.

Meanwhile fellow Adventure Class pilots James and Dean (#JamesDean) are airborne, heading towards Dillon where there is an airport. We imagine they'll be refuelling there. Both up in the air a solid 3 hours this morning: sterling work chaps.

Miro is under Icarus crew Nick's Viper 2 wing and making good progress south after his earlier shit show. He'll be flying solo for the foreseeable. Here's hoping he catches up with Byron who has now got out of the hot tub at Challis and gone to refuel. Miro does appear to be on Byron's tail heading, south west towards Sun Valley and the Craters of the Moon. That route looks not very direct, especially vs. Dave's straight cut towards Idaho Falls. Byron's reckoning on picking up a strong westerly later on today and catching up, having taken in the jaw-dropping Craters.

Scotty's engine - This is good news apparently. 

Scotty is still in Evaro, way up north of Missoula in Montana, where he fell in a heap 2 hours into the race. He has cleaned the engine meticulously and assures us it will take him a matter of minutes to reassemble the beast once FedEx delivers his new rings, so we hope he'll be back in the air and back in the race imminently.