Some days you're the lamp-post - Scotty Duncan tale of (Mis)Adventure

The finished product

So the Scotty fans, and that's all of us, will know that he is back in the race after a miraculous repair job to his Polini 190 engine after his very first flight of the Icarus on Sunday morning. After two days holed up in a barn bonding with George, its kindly owner, and awaiting Mr UPS with his spare parts delivery, he finally got his motor running on Tuesday evening.

However, the weather gods have not been kind and after sitting out a couple of weather cycles and some pudding rain he finally got away at 10am on Wednesday morning. After one very cold and rather wet flight he spent the afternoon in Deer Lodge, fully 2 days behind the race leader Dave.

He's still caught up in the last of the squally wintery weather, where the rest of the pilots are flying into clearer, more stable conditions.

This morning he ran out of fuel and landed fully 5 Kms short of his intended fuel stop. That is a very, very long walk.

Lastly, he's currently trying to source some tooth floss (maybe those cable ties we mentioned) because he has broken his pull cord trying to start his engine.

I'm half expecting him to get dive bombed by a lone magpie. Hopefully he'll enjoy better luck and a following wind from here.

 An earlier work in progress....

An earlier work in progress....

I just saw this pic of Scotty Skymec Duncan’s little home away from home workshop. Its meticulous. Enough to make me cry.
— Dave Wainwright