Sign up open for the X Series USA - Florida 2017

The Icarus X is a short-format Icarus Trophy. A sort of 'quicarus' if you will. It's a very useful dress rehearsal for the 'real' Trophy September 23rd - October 6th 2107.  

If you can successfully complete the Icarus X, we think you've got the skills and balls to take on the Trophy proper.

This year we are running a whole series of Icarus X weekends round the world.  The first of these will be in Florida, launching from Lake Wales Municipal Airport and taking in an A-B-C-A route via Palm Bay and Lake Okeechobee, a route of some 232nm.  

Icarus X-series Race and Fly-In March 24-26th. Hosted by Aviator PPG

The Adventurists’ first X-Series Fly-in will consist of a three-day hosted event for PPG pilots and PPG hopefuls alike. New pilots, and prospective pilots are encouraged to attend the event for intro-paramotor lessons and tandem flights.


Thursday March 23rd, 6pm - Pilot briefings.  Location TBC
Friday March 24th, sunrise + 30 mins (07.32) - Launch.  Lake Wales Municipal Airport, FL 33859
Saturday March 25th, sunset - 30 mins (18.46) - end of racing.  Results and prizegiving.  Lake Wales Municipal Airport.  
Sunday March 26th - casual fly-in/ racing contingency day

In the event that pilots have not completed the course on Saturday evening we may extend the race to cover Sunday as well, so consider Sunday 26th as a contingency day for Icarus X contestants, as well as a casual fly-in for spectators and supporters (and faster pilots).

The Race

Pilots can elect to fly in Race or Adventure Division.  

Race Class pilots must fly the entire course and can only progress forwards by means of flight.  They cannot accept any pre-arranged assistance (e.g. someone from the fly-in cannot bring you fuel or drive you to a hotel).  If hitching a lift from your landing spot to the gas station or a hotel for the night will make your adventure better - that's fine, but you must not have arranged that prior. The first pilot home to the start line, penalty-free, is the Trophy winner.  As well as the magnificent Trophy they will win a place on the Icarus Trophy, the 1000-mile big brother of the Icarus X, from Glacier to Las Vegas, in September.

In Adventure Division, pilots can accept any assistance they fancy - dedicated ground support (for example, someone to meet them to refuel), or aerial support (fly with your coach!), and even make road moves should they wish.  Pilots are free to make it as tough or luxurious on the ground as they choose, as long as they have a cracking adventure off the ground.  The aim is simply to get round and have a blast, so if your mum comes to give you a ride from your landing spot to the gas station or a hotel for the night, that's just fine in Adventure Division.  The Trophy will go to the pilot who has had the best adventure.  There is no competitive element to the Adventure Division.

All pilots are tracked both for safety, and for the race class, for fairness, ensuring pilots have flown the entire course.  We'll know where you are and when you are flying.  Even if you have no idea.  Pilots will receive any pertinent race updates, weather reports and safety information via their tracker and have a direct line of communication with the race committee in case of emergency.

The Race Course

Here's the proposed route: 232nm of aerial glory over some of Florida's most iconic locations.  You're welcome

SkyVector map of the proposed route. More details will be available to signed up pilots pre-race and there will be a full route briefing on Thursday 23rd, 6pm.

SkyVector map of the proposed route. More details will be available to signed up pilots pre-race and there will be a full route briefing on Thursday 23rd, 6pm.


The Fly-in

For those not ready to tackle the ITX, there is a full weekend of Intro to Paramotoring activities designed to whet your appetite and welcome you to an incredible sport and lifestyle.  You can try a tandem, chat to existing pilots and coaches, get a feel for ground handling.  Or just drink the bar dry and watch the clouds.  Paramotoring is an extremely sociable past-time, and we intend to take full advantage of that.

Gadgets + jumpsuits + BBQ = sociable.  Come and join in

Gadgets + jumpsuits + BBQ = sociable.  Come and join in


We'll release details of times for led sessions with our lovely instructors nearer the time. 

The Party

Once all the pilots are safely back on the ground post ITX we will have a prizegiving and party at the airport. Backs will be slapped and tales of adventure exchanged and recorded for posterity.  

This should be Saturday night, 25th March

Costs and sign up details

Entry to the ITX, for race and adventure division, is $200.  Sign up is open now on the Adventurists website, or below. Latest entry March 21st. 

For that, you get: 

  • Satellite tracking device
  • Comprehensive route and comms briefing pre-event
  • Live tracking on the Icarus Trophy website

Entry to the fly-in, including all training and intro-to-paramotoring activities, and camping all weekend, is $50.  Folks wishing to try a tandem flight will be able to pay in cash on the day.  We'll circulate a price for this shortly. 

All fly-in and ITX guests will get a t-shirt and tickets to the party on Saturday night

Heard enough?