Tucker Gott bares all

If you don't know who Tucker Gott is, then you've clearly not been paying attention. He's not only paramotoring's golden boy at the moment, but he's also the newest Icarus Trophy champion.

So, what did he think of the event in general, did he have fun, and will he be back? Let's see what he has to say in quotes and pictures.

The race was unbelievable.

Things, however, did not start well for Tucker. In fact, things went pretty much the exact opposite of well. In fact, it very nearly went to shit.

On my very first landing I broke three spars, and on my second launch I face planted in a cow pasture

We hear that some beauty salons in the area are now offering a 'Tucker Gott bovine facepack' treatment, though this might be hearsay.

Tucker also took a few cracking pics whilst on his trip. Normally people would have pictures of their partners in their holiday snaps. In Tucker's case though, his girlfriend has been substituted with an engine.

Tucker's Gallery #1

Some corkers in there.

Aside from the first day, everything went very smoothly. It was incredible to fly over so many different landscapes.

Tucker racked up an impressive 2450kms on his winning trip, so it's no surprise that he got to enjoy a few decent views. This is an integral part of the course design that Mr Shane and the rest of the team work so hard on. 

My favourite was the last bit of the course through Moab, Monument Valley, and Page. Those vistas were simply incredible.

It most certainly is, over to the eye of Mr Tucker to explain further...

Tucker's Gallery #2

I think we can all agree that his selection take a fairly major shit, from a great height, on most our holiday snaps. There are more pics of, and from, Tucker in the Daily Digest. If you missed it, then catch up HERE.

Tucker went on to win the event in a mere 5 days, blowing everyone else out of the water and racking up a fantastic, and well-deserved victory to claim the 2017 Icarus Trophy. Hats off Mr Gott, hats off.

So, can we expect him to return to the bosom of the Icarus Trophy, or does he think that once is enough?

I would definitely like to race again, most likely on a different course with new challenges.

The good news is that the Icarus Trophy is a completely moveable beast, and although the West Coast of the USA has been its home for the last three events, we have almost unlimited scope to move it.

So Mr Gott, if you please, a summary of the event for (y)our fans...

I approached the race with the goal of completing the course safely and flying to the best of my ability.

It was an amazing challenge and the adventure far exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much!
— Tucker Gott - Icarus Trophy Champion 2017

Thank you Tucker, and indeed all the pilots for being a group of absolute legends. Huge appreciation also needs to go to the entire crew for all their work, everyone who has offered support, and all you dot-watchers out there. 

We've laughed, we've cried, we've cringed (often) and laughed some more, and we cannot wait to do it all again next year.