Icarus Trophy 2017 - Meet the Pilots


Tucker Gott - USA

Growing up in a family of aviators, Tucker soloed his first plane at just 16. He discovered paramotoring at the age of 18. Four years later, he now runs a successful Youtube channel where he documents all his paramotor adventures. 

Division: Race




Lara Kjeldsen - USA

Lara has been learning to paramotor since January this year. Earlier this year she took part in Icarus X Florida, which she described as "a cluster-fuck... in a good way."

She's taking part to raise awareness and money for Halifax Health-Hospice BeginAgain Children’s Grief Center.

Here's a link to her website.

Division: Adventure


Ladislav Uzsak - Slovakia

With 40 years of flying experience, Ladsi now produces trikes. Joining up with Lubomir, they will be the first pilots in race class to fly trikes in the Trophy. Their kit has been built by him.




Lubomír Grofcík - Slovakia

Lubomir will also be flying a trike. He's been flying now for a couple of years and is well up for the challenge.






Dean Kelly - Australia

Plumber Dean competed in the Trophy last year in Adventure division, and has a tattooed arse to prove it. Now, with two and a half years flying under his belt, he wants to win.

Division: Race



Trey German - USA

Always fascinated in flying, Trey first started paramotoring in 2014. After taking part in the Trophy last year in Adventure class, he bagged his spot on this year's trophy by winning the Icarus X Florida.

Division: Race


Jack Nordberg - USA

Hailing from Polston, Jack is relatively new to the sport. He begun paramotoring about a year and a half ago. This will be his first proper long distance flight and he's equally excited and crapping his pants. 

Division: Race



Canyon Hansen - USA

Canyon is our man in Polson, Montana. Last year he was driving the spares truck and is back this time to tackle race class. He has been paramotoring now for a couple of years.

Division: Race