UK X Series 2018 - Featured Pilots

The last weekend of June sees the launch of the 3rd UK Icarus X series. This sellout cross-country paramotoring adventure is the biggest Icarus X yet, with a knee-quivering 30 confirmed pilots.

There is one gigantic question on everyone's lips however...who's going to win? Is the unfaltering Mark Morgan going to carry the X Trophy home again, or will someone finally manage to steal his crown?

Let's meet some of the pilots.

Andy Bexx.jpg

Andy Bexx

Wing: Dudek Nucleon XX 22 (Water - Yellow, Blue, Green)

Paramotor: Bulldog Polini Thor 110

Class: Adventure

Andy has been flying Paramotors for 7 years with +/- 300 flights logged. Last year he took part in his first Icarus X in which he snagged the Adventure Class Trophy. He says taking part gave him more confidence flying long distance. You can read about it here.

This year Andy has been getting advance sorted with a better solution to the camping kit than last year. He's hoping he might get some sleep this time around.

You can find Andy's social links and the like over on his website

Fernworth reservoir 6.JPG

Terrance Brennan

Wing: Sky Zorro, black and orange

Paramotor: Vittorazi Moster 185 Factory mounted in a Flattop frame

Class: Race Class

Flying Experience: Flying since August 2010. Initial CSE with Paul Axbey - AXB Sports. 250+ hrs in the UK, Lake districted, Dartmoor, ETC

100% in it to win after last year's terrible start. In 2017 Terry crashed after hitting rotor, sinking and using to much power trying to climb out of the problem. He broke the propeller, punctured the fuel tank and damaged some of the ancillaries for the race, he then had to withdraw. Terrance hopes to give two-time champion Mark a good run for his money "Inshallah".



Wayne Buckland

Wing: Dudek Nucleon xx, blue with purple flash

Paramotor: Air Conception Nitro 200

Flying experience:  Wayne has been paragliding for 12 years and paramotoring for 2 years 


Richard Flemming

Wing: Ozone, Roadster 2, Red,White and Orange

Paramotor: Pollini Thor 190 (currently in bits) on a red zenith frame

Flying experience: 2 years but very low number of flights (bugger all basically)

Class: Adventure

Richard is a serial adventurist, having completed not just the 2016 UK Icarus X, but also the Mongol Rally, Rickshaw Run and Ice Run.

Paul Mockford 2.jpg

Paul Mockford

Wing: Mk1 Speedster 28m, Blue & green

Paramotor: Parajet V2 with a Bailey V5S motor

Class: Adventure

"I found paramotoring after seeing some random fly from his local park to a McDonalds, and thought ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to do that’. This was August 2017, and by October I had started training with CM Paramotors in Market Harborough. A shitty winter followed, with my instructor and I grabbing two-hour windows here and there for damp and foggy ground-handling. It ended up taking 6 months to get to the point where I was ready to fly, and I documented everything on my YouTube channel. A Parajet V2/Bailey V5S and an Ozone Speedster soon followed and now I’m flying every chance I can get.

I became aware of The Adventurists and the Icarus Trophy when Tucker Gott entered the 2017 race in the western US. That was when I put the UK Icarus X on my calendar despite only having 2 soggy hours training at that point.

Cross-country was always the side of paramotoring that appealed most, so having someone else pick a 160 mile route and provide a BBQ party at the finish line is a dream come true.

I have a good engine for cross country, a wing build for comfort not speed, some cool tunes, and Trey German’s great tips on peeing inflight. I can’t fail."

You can follow Paul's video progress here:

Steve Moore.jpg

Steve Moore

Wing: Dudek Universal 1.1 (Air colours) Blue, White & yellow

Paramotor: Parajet Maveric

Class: Race

Steve has been flying years, starting out in paragliding then moving onto speedflying. He's had the chance to fly some of the most outrageous lines in the Alps with some of the world's best canopy handlers. 
He's now been paramotoring for coming on 2 year and in that time has flown over some of the highest mountains in the UK and Ireland and is just back this summer from a flight border to border around the Northern Irish coastline.

Looking forward to the Adventure in the ICARUS, and seeing how we can push the boundaries of XC PPG flight.
— Steve


Mark Morgan

Wing: Ozone Speedster 2 24m red/black/white/Yellow

Paramotor: Mac Fly with a Polini Thor 250

Class: Race

Flight experience: 10+ years, probably around 7-800 hours 

Mark won the first UK Icarus X. He then went on to win the 2nd the second UK Icarus X. Can anyone stand in his way of doing the triple?  Has he even got any space left on his mantlepiece?


Stefan V.jpg

Stefan Voicu

Wing: BGD Luna 27

Paramotor: Maverick  with Moster

Class: Race

Flight experience: As a child, Stefan was dreaming of flying, his first 'flight’ was when he was 10 years old when he build some plastic wings and tried to jump down from his grandfather’s shed roof. In hindsight he realises this was good practice for hard landings

In 2014 he had his first flight on a course with Airwork’s and after a year of free flight he made the step up to PPG.

Stefan has flown cross country in India over the Himalayan Mountains at Bir Billing.

I like adrenalin and the unexpected situations and I really think that IcarusTrophy fits me like a glove.  

I want to enjoy every moment and I wish all the contestants good luck, may the best one win!
— Stefan


Simon Walker

Wing: Ozone Roader 2

Paramotor: Parajet Maverick, moster plus 185 engine

Class: Race Class

Flight experience: Icarus Trophy X UK 2016 and 2017, Icarus Trophy Africa Recce. Total flight experience about 100 hours

Simon is a long term supporter of The Adventurists who's more at home racing round the world yachts, than paramotors. He's swapped the waves for the skies and has just taken the step from Adventure Class to Race Class.

The 2018 Icarus X UK launches 29th June. You can follow all the action and updates over on the tracking page.




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