Icarus Academy

New to paramotoring?
Learn to fly in 6 days

The Icarus Academy is tailor-made to make a pilot out of you, and prepare you for flying adventures.  

This 6 day course will arm you with all the theory and practical skills necessary to get you flying.

From this foundation, as a new pilot, youll be ready to begin exploring the skies. From there it won't be long until you're taking part in the world's most prestigious paramotoring events; the Icarus X Series and the legendary Icarus Trophy.

Spring - Italy


7th - 12th May

Summer - UK


4th - 9th August

Autumn - Italy


24th - 29th September


Course Syllabus

Module 1: Days 1 and 2

1. Introduction and completion of all paperwork
2. Lecture 1: Theory of Flight
3. Introduction to the Wing and Harness
4. Untangling, folding and care of the Wing
5. Wearing the harness, clipping into the wing and 6 point checks
6. Forward and Reverse launch training
7. Ground Handling Training
8. Hand Towing Training no higher than 30ft
OPTIONAL: Student Training Flights in a Tandem Paramotor at any time during the course
OPTIONAL: Low hops from no higher than 250ft having completed the above training
9. Motor Safety Check List
10. Safe Starting Procedures with electric and/or pull start Paramotors
11. Wearing the motor and running it
12. Hang Tests, Adjustments, Reserve Practice Deployments and Pre Solo Flight Simulation

Module 2: Days 3 to 6

1. Lecture 2: Basic Meteorology
2. Lecture 3: Basic Air Law
3. SKILLS CHECK: Forward Launch Competency
4. SKILLS CHECK: Reverse Launch Competency
5. SKILLS CHECK: Ground Handling Competency
6. SKILLS CHECK: Landing Competency
7. SKILLS CHECK: Pre-flight checks, site assessment, weather to fly, motor usage competency after lectures and briefings
8. Lecture 4: Pre-Solo Flight Briefing
9. Flight 1: A multiple circuit flight of between 20 and 30 minutes in an open, unobstructed area, in smooth conditions and windspeeds less than 10mph, under the supervision and guidance of a qualified APPI PPG Instructor.


The details


The academy operates from Fly Zone Fermo airfield on the Adriatic Coast in Eastern Italy.

How to get there

The nearest airports are Ancona and Pescara which are served by Ryanair. You can either rent a car from the airport or there is a train which stops at Porto Sant'Elpidio.

Where to stay

10 minutes away is a comfortable camp site with a restaurant and bar. A single room in a shared bungalow costs €45 per person per night. 


Courses start at 09.00 on Monday morning and end on Saturday afternoon. Students should aim to arrive and depart on a Sunday.


The UK course is based around Mere, Wiltshire, just off the A303. Training launches from various locations within 15 minutes of town. 

How to get there

By road you can drive via the 303. By rail the nearest station is Gillingham, which is a bus ride from Mere. 

Trainees are picked up from outside the Co-op in Mere.

Where to stay

We use a campsite nearby.


Courses start at 09:30 on a Saturday and end in the late afternoon/early evening depending upon the weather. 

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What you get

6 day beginners training course following the APPI PPG syllabus led by world class APPI PPG licensed instructors.

Tuition with SkySchool; the world's leading paramotor pilot training masters.

Use of world class facilities and state of the art paramotoring equipment for the duration of the course.

By the end of the course you will have learnt to fly a paramotor unassisted. 

This course will set you up on your journey to taking on the Icarus X Series and Icarus Trophy events; the world's most respected paramotor flying adventures.

Time to earn your wings