The X Series races are condensed 3 day Icarus Trophy shaped adventure slaps in the face. 

It's still the toughest thing to do with a Paramotor, but they're not quite so gigantic and they almost fit into a weekend. A sort of Quickarus if you will.

It's open to all-comers (assuming you can fly) whether you're on the main Icarus race or you just want to give real XC racing a shot.

These races are also the best form of training for the Icarus Trophy itself. 

X Series has the same rules and race structure as the main Icarus so it's a long distance endurance adventure. It's still split into race and adventure class.

Enter the X Series

To take part in the X series you need not to be rubbish at flying. We don't particularly want to help you down from an electricity pylon or sit in a room with loads of angry officials. So we've come up with a simple test we will use to check your not rubbish at flying.

Adventure Division

Perform engine off landing from 500ft to within 40m of a target

Race Division

Perform engine off landing from 500ft to within 10m of a target

If you're not sure if you've got the skills it's easy enough to get up to speed even if you've never flown before (you need to put some time in though) We've even developed some specialised training courses with our training partners.


How it works

Unlike the main race which is point to point the X Series have circular race routes.

You'll be issued with a tracking device and give all the race briefings before checking you pass the entry requirements.

We'll be at HQ with the spares truck and the tracking so all the spectators can stay up to date with the race as it unfolds. Once all the pilots are back in we'll slap each other on the backs and hand out the much coveted trophies and follow it all up with a knees up.

Supporters and fly-ins

For those of you with families and friends who want to come and watch they can join us at the finish line where they will be able to follow the race live with other supporters, join you for a celebratory drink or 9 and grab some hearty grub.

If you just want to come and check out the action and perhaps do a bit of flying you can certainly do that.

We may charge a small entry fee depending on the venue.

What does the entry fee cover?

  • Entry into the greatest adventure race in the country.
  • Satellite tracking and messaging system.
  • Race committee to oversee proceedings.
  • Start and finish line.
  • Event and course briefings.
  • Live tracking for supporters.
  • Camping at the start/finish line.




The Races


June 29th 2018


November 10th 2017

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USA - 2018 dates coming soon


X Series News