How to choose a flying machine

Well. This subject seems to make normal people go a bit squishy in the head. But it is one of the biggest considerations when taking on the Icarus. Especially if you plan on winning. Ultimately this is a pretty personal choice it will after all be your arse cheeks dangling from a string.

But to avoid expressing opinions as a race we are going to offer two things. Points of view from pilots and stats from the races. As we roll into our second year this should become a pretty authoritative place to decide on which wing and motor to buy.

More coming soon...


As the years of Icarus pass the rules will evolve. A bit like Formula 1 but less boring. However right now as long as what you do is legal, we don't give a monkeys. We will be putting here a few of the modifications people made in 2015. Some good. Some less so. You decide.

More coming soon...