I got out of the harness at the finish line - it was a minute before I could feel my legs. For a rookie, I’m stoked.
— Fisch

We never know what to expect on a Pioneer Adventure. The idea's not much more than an route and a budget.  Luckily, this lot were up to have a go - by all accounts - it went pretty well. 

It’s tough - averaging 5 hours sleep. By the time you land, get back, check the weather, plan the routes, then it’s midnight. What I loved about the whole trip was taking off in really random places.
But it was a cracker.
— Dave Wainwright
Tom got picked up by a pot farmer. He landed in the middle of a field and ran into a transient hippy on his way to ‘help out a friend.’ In No Cal that only means one thing.
— Shane
I’d used up a quarter of my fuel and hadn’t even got to the lake.
We had two options - turn back or go round. My teammates went back.

My phone overheated and turned off so went old school with the compass and map. But I found out the compass had clearly polarised.

That was three hours of just being scared.
— James Borges
It was reasonable, we did look up at the clouds and they looked like massive cumulournimbuses or whatever they’re called. i got a littlee hysterical i think it was the adrenalyin and getting over the not dying. a lovely bloke called eric just turned up in his truck he;s been following the trophy. he guys how was the flight. he thought we were lunatics. I’m surprised you didn’t die. drinken kraken run. having a little sing song.
— Ed Hamilton.
Oh dear Toby. The weather was coming in. I said - pick a large open area to land in. He chose the worst fucking area he could chose.
— Alex Ledger - Race Referee
I wanted to take off but they wouldn’t let me. Something about my safety and it being a really stupid idea.
— Mr Tom
It was an awesome flight - I was maybe thirty minutes in and testing out a new reserve fuel tank. THe engine just cut out. I picked a field, I landed - and this woman came running across the field. She’s hugging me, she knew my name and she’d been watching the dots go over her head. Lucky I picked that field - there was one with basketball sized boulders just up the road. It’s amazing.
— Claire Mackay
We landed the night before we finished. We’re hungry and it’s late. Trevor and Rich showed up, but we can’t take anything from them because we’re in Race Class.

We were laying down in the concrete and called every taxi place but none of them had certificates for the city we were in. We too far of a walk to get into town. Ryan came up with the idea to call a pizza place. We finally got through and we were the last delivery. They took pity on us and dumped out the soda to replace it with water.

We were the last delivery of the day - right on the edge of their patch. Ryan had to go out, walk a quarter mile to the middle of nowhere to do the pizza - water exchange in the dark.

That was the best meal I ever had.
— Byron, Race Division Pilot
I was flying over Mount Hood pass, slightly shitting my pants. I was trying to look at my fuel on a makeup mirror I have on an elastic band and I went down the wrong valley.

I saw what looked like a really nice landing spot, knee high saplings, and then I came into land, the heather that i thought was ankle high was 6 foot high and the saplings were 20 ft high.
It took about 2 hours to get out.
— Mr Tom
I was singing spirit in the sky the whole way down.
— Cayle Royce, 2015 Pilot