Preparing for the Icarus

There are probably a couple of things to figure out before you take on the world's toughest air race. Such as what socks to wear or how to actually fly these things. Other questions you might have will be more like, "how the fuck do I get everything I need to weigh less than a slice of toast?"

So to help guide you through just such conundrums we've created this page.

How good do I need to be at flying?

We've got a simple test for each race division you can check yourself against. Head to the training section to find out more.

Can't fly yet? No problems - you can be ready for the Icarus in a season.

Already a pilot? Whether you want to brush up on Icarus specific skills or you're ready to fly right now we have a route for you to take on the trophy.

What machine works best?

Turns out this is more political than Donald Trump and Putin oiling up for a swimwear comp. People seem to get all weirdy when it comes to which paramotor is the Don. So here are some findings from previous years presented by us, but we don't give a shit what you bring. Unless it will obviously kill you, like a lawnmower sellotaped to kitchen chair.

Modifications: Some worked - some less so. Have a read about what you can do to give you the edge.

Planning your route

With our un-course you're free approach the adventure in many different ways. To help make sure you have some grasp of what is being undertaken every pilot gets a route briefing with our team of experts. We will look at what you're planning and give you an opinion on whether you're mental or not.


Join the Adventure

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