This beast of a race has three categories: Race Division, Pure Adventure and Adventure First Class. 

Any pilot can self select into Adventure. To qualify for Race Division however, you'll have to pass a gruelling interview to prove your flying prowess.


Beacons of madcappery, Adventure Division Pilots must make it to the finish line. 

Pilots can accept outside support and travel forward using transport other than flying.

Within Adventure Class, there are two further categories. Pilots can self select into the Pure Adventure or Adventure First Class. In adventure First Class, pilots can bring their own race support: friends, instructors or pets. 

Pure Adventure pilots will be placed by the time spent flying the course to the finish line. Adventure First Class pilots will be no less legends, but will be classed as 'finished' on the leaderboard without classification. 



The cream of an outstanding crop, Race Division pilots must fly unsupported and get there first to win. 

Pilots must remain unsupported for the entire event - they can only progress by flying or walking. If they walk, they must carry their equipment. 

They can use 'open access' support- anything that the average person can access. Should they manage to charm total strangers into lending their assistance, that's kosher. They cannot use help offered by friends, distant relatives, other pilots or the race team to further their progress. 

Pilots must launch from 200m of their landing point. If they can't, they must travel back towards the startline on foot.