The Race Course

We're currently taking the course from last year (below), tweaking it slightly, adding a checkpoint or two and injecting it with steroids to make it bigger and more unpredictable for 2017. We've got a whole extra section for Race Division that will test their flying skills and opening up new more wild sections for everyone else.

Course Briefings

A tiny part of what we provide for all you mighty fine Icarus pilots is the course briefings. This is your chance to talk through your route plans with some of the best pilots in the world and members of our race committee. We're not there to give you a bollocking for not getting it right, we're there to give you some pointers to get you off in broadly the right direction. Perhaps to say, "well maybe consider flying less than 1000 miles a day", or "nitrous does definitely seem like a good idea but explosions and fabric wings are uneasy bed fellows."

We'll conduct these remotely to make it as easy as possible and we span quite a few timezones so we should be able to make things easy.