the World's Toughest Air Race

This is the mother of all aerial gauntlets. This is a near 1000 mile, unsupported, cross-country paramotor race. This is you and your flying machine against the wilderness in the ultimate test of pilot skill and endurance. This is the Icarus Trophy.

In 2016 we're back in the USA with a fancy new beefed up course

This year we've launched the Trophy's cheeky little brother the Icarus X Series. A global series of 3 day XC races.

Race or Adventure

There are a few ways to skin a flying cat.  This is a race for Pro's and Not-quite-very-pro's so there are two classes you can enter depending on your skills and indeed your intentions.

The Course

1000 miles of flying and surviving on your wits. This really is the toughest thing you can do with a paramotor. And to make sure it's even harder there is no set course. Just you and the wild, facing up.

Newbie or Seasoned?

Wether you've never flown before or are a seasoned pro there's a route for you to take on the mighty Icarus.

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